by Shadow Forms

 Protect your staff and workplace with Check-in! Contactless QR Code Sign in Register


Dual app system ensures rapid in and out check-ins

Simply set up the entry location with the Admin App, then scan the QR Code with the Guest App… Check-in does the rest!

* Your entry point can either display a QR Code or Device for visitors to scan. 

Admin App


  • Register admin device details
  • Set check-in point location 
  • Activate & display unique QR code at check in point
  • You are now ready to accept guests onto your register

Guest App

  • Create a user profile
  • Select the green “check-in” button to scan the QR code
  • Add any site specific info if required
  • Select the check-in

Automatically generated guest list

Check-in is also a digital employee in-out board, that takes care of all staff movements no matter how many entry or exit points your business may have.

Contactless sign in and out register


Ask screening questions before approving visitor entry


Helpful evacuation management tool


Quick and easy set up

Fast Visitor management

FREE Guest App

There’s no better way to streamline your employee register and improve your building’s safety and security.

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